Climbing (Indoors & Outdoors)
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Climbing is growing into a very popular sport in the UK, with more and more climbing centres opening each year and more outdoor courses available, it's a great way of keeping fit and great way of making friends. The aim is simple, to get to the top. Of coarse ropes are used but only play a part if you fall or want to absail back down. Other than that it's just you and the rock face or climbing wall. This can vary from an easy climb on a sloping face to shear faces, walls and for the more experienced overhangs. There are a lot of techniques which you can learn whilst climbing which can involve hand holds, roping system's and different routes to mention a few. And you get a very satisfying feeling from getting to the top of a testing climb without having to rely on the ropes once.

If you have never been before it's a good idea to call your local climbing centre and ask to do a taster session. This will give you an idea on the basics of climbing and your first taste of what it feels like to climb. Indoor climbing walls may have a number of routes up to the top which are indicated by the colour of the hand holds. You have to pick a colour and climb the wall using only the hand holds of the same colour. Grades are given to each route and the higher the number the harder and more challenging the route is. There are loads of climbing clubs in the UK which regularly go out in the week and on weekends so there will always be someone around your local area climbing.
A few of the latest climbing trips.
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