Jetbiking in Ilfracombe
When Stu joined us in North Devon with his jetbike we knew things were going to get interesting.

Stu had previously called the harbour master at Ilfracombe and arranged a meeting to show insurance, go through the rules of the harbour and pay the £28 for the use of the slip way for a year. This trip was going to be a little different too because we also had a ringo to attach to the back of the jetbike!! The rules were quite simple with the main ones being not to block entrances/slipway and a speed limit in the harbour of around 6 knots.

The harbour master was very helpful and even told us he could sort us out with a shower if we needed one. Ahhh showers are for wimps lol. Anyway we took in turns to have a little ride around to warm up the bike and look for a suitable spot for a bit on ringoing. We found a nice flat spot just out from the harbour and took it in turns to get in the ringo and ride the jetbike. The limit for these ringo's are meant to be 15-20kph which believe me is fast enough.

As you go around the corners you start to leave the water, skimming like like a nice flat stone. And of course I came off first. We also went for a couple of trips around to other beaches including Combe Martin, Mortehoe and Hele Bay. Although you can only really do this on a clear and calm day because it can get a little choppy out a mile or so. When the jetbike starts to leave the water it can get pretty hairy and Stu managed to chuck me off at just such a jump. I can't say it was much fun but it didn't hurt much!

The ringo's are a great laugh and there will be many more trips to Ilfracombe in the future.