Jetbiking in Ilfracombe

Well what can I say about our trip to Ilfracombe? Umm well quite choppy would be a start!

7.00 am Stuart appears at my house ready to go with possibly the brightest shirt ever shown on the website. After picking up the jetbike and topping up the tank we had a nice two hour drive through somerset and north Devon. Nice that time in the morning although eating a bar of chocolate that early probably wasn't a great idea!

We arrived in Ilfracombe nice and early and quickly changed and backed the jetbike down the slipway. The sea was a fair way out and the water was relatively flat with a little swell. We had to get the ringo out and have a go on it. We attached the ringo onto the back and popped around to Hele Bay to pick up Arron who was waiting for us on the beach. We had previously called him and told him we were coming down and he jumped at the chance.

We took the bike just out from the bay and took it in turns to be the Guinea pig in the ringo. Some of the falls from the ringo were so funny including Stu almost walking on water at about 20 miles an hour. We even managed to get all three of us airborne at various times. All three of us coming off the bike on the way back in was a little hairy and left a couple of bruises!!!

As we traveled back around the bay to Ilfracombe harbour the tide was well on it's way in and the swell was picking up considerably and it was easy to leave the water when pulling the leaver down at the base of a wave. Whilst on our own we could leave the water by at least a couple of feet. This is a great place to to go jetbking at all levels of the tide and well worth the £28 pound a year for the slipway rights. A great day although a little long. Home at 10pm!!