A trip to Weston-Super-Mare

When I was asked if I wanted to go out on a friends jetbike in Weston-Super-Mare there was only one answer really. So myself, Vicky and Stuart Long the owner of the jet bike, went on a little trip down the motorway. I was a little amazed at the size of it when he turned up. Having never really ridden one before we looked towards Stuart for tuition and advice. Because of this fact stuart would always be on the jetbike whether on his own or as a passenger.

We kited up into our dry suits, wetsuits and life jackets and backed the jetbike down the slipway into the sea. Stuart warmed up the bike by having a gentle ride around area and came back to take on passengers. Me and Vic!! I have to admit I think Stuart wanted to give us a little taster of how much power was in the thing and he succeeded in proving it was fast by scarring the living shit out of me on the back. The acceleration on these jetbikes is amazing. Before we knew it we were half way to Brean Down which seemed out of sight before.

It surprised me how it just plowed and jumped over choppy water. It was surprisingly stable, well apart from one tight corner when Stuart took a dive into the channel which was quite amusing until I went in and found out how cold it was on the hands. After that little experience we took it in turns with Stuart as a passenger talking us through riding the jetbike properly. Below are a few pics of Vic on her first go getting the hang of steering and pulling away.

Below are a few pics of my first go. One thing I did learn was not to cut the power whilst doing speed. It, feels like and emergency stop in a car and makes your passenger slide forward rather too quick. Well you can do about 50mph on these things and they get quite hairy in choppy water but amazing fun. And Stuart nearly got us both off again with a break neck turn which i was glad to come out off!!!

Well how can I sum up our first jetbiking trip? Scary as hell, fast, wet and a lot of fun. It's well worth trying and we are planning many more trips for the coming months. Can't wait.

The only problem now is I want my own!!!!