Beginners guide to Kiteboarding
This is a basic guide to give you an idea on how to get up onto your board and get moving. The rest is up to you, but having a bit of an idea before you try it will get you up quicker and for longer.
Before you even think about trying kiteboarding you need to be able to fly your power kite to a reasonable standard. You need to be able to control it at all times and know where in the wind window you will get the most power from your kite. Also when you are mounting your board you need to be able to float your kite directly above you where the pull on the kite is mild and almost floating effortlessly. When you can do this then you are ready to try kiteboarding.
When it comes to boards we started on a basic board which has loose foot straps for easy slipping in and out of. There are more expensive boards on the market with foot bindings but with loose foot straps you have the chance to bail before you go down. We picked this board up for £80. If you are starting on grass then try to make sure your tyre pressure is high and fully inflated. This will help you move across the grass easier. If you are on sand then you can also deflate your tyres slightly to slow the board down when starting out, but its up to you.
When you have your kite in the air and the wind is strong enough to pull you along, you will firstly need to line your board up, facing downwind. Get your kite into position so that's it's floating directly above you so there is hardly any pull on the lines. Step onto the board and put you leading/front foot into the strap and your other foot on the board but out of the strap like in the pic to the right. This will allow you to bail quickly if you loose control. And you will loose control a fair bit at the beginning.

When you are up on the board lean back away from the front of the board as shown in the pic to the left. Then steer your kite into the strongest part of the wind window to get more pull on the kite. When you get a bit of pull, leaning back will stop you being pulled of the front of the board. When you do start to pull away you will get varied speeds from the board from slowly pulling away to a sudden acceleration of speed so you need to be ready for either.

When you are up and going you need to try to keep your balance, watch where you are going, fly the kite and enjoy yourself. So quite allot to do at once but great fun trying.

And just when you think you have got it sussed out you get pulled from the board in front of the camera and nearly end up on your a** !

Moving at speed attached to a kite and board is pretty hairy.

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