Our first go on a Power Kite
This was our first go on a Power Kite and hopefully you can learn from our mistakes so you may have a better understanding on how to fly one before you even get your hands on one. The last thing you want to do is bust up your kite on the first go.
We decided to take a visit to Newgale beach in Pembrokeshire and on the way we popped into Gruntys (Kite'n'Sk8) in Dursley, Gloucestershire where we purchased a 4 metre PKD Buster for £160. These are great kites to learn on and are well built. So with the kite and instructions on how to fly it we headed off to Newgale.
The day we chose was a bit dull but with a gentle breeze which was the wind speed suggested on the instructions. We made sure there were no people or animals anywhere near us before we started. We unraveled the lines and set the kite in to the position stated with the kite facing downwind so the wind was blowing on the back of our heads.
When the kite is in this position you can clearly see the four lines leading to the kite. The two top line are for steering an take off and the two bottom line are used as brake lines and basically to cut the air flow of the kite and bring it down to earth.
At first there were some hairy take offs and some crashes onto the beach but this was down to steering errors more than anything. Basically if you pull the left hand back the kites will dive to the the left, as it starts to dive pull the right hand back and the kite will turn back up and start to loop back towards the right. This also works in the opposite direction. It's take a bit of playing around to get used to this.
One tip is once you have committed to turn left or right don't change half way into the turn because the kite will crash hard and this is how you can bust your kite. When you crash it hard it makes a strange loud noise which makes you screw up your mouth and eyes as if to say oh s**t. If you think you are about to crash apply the brakes hard and kill the air flow in the kite.
After learning the basics on steering and taking off we were starting to understand how to get the power out of the kite more and even managed to pull off a couple of jumps, but when you start to get cocky you are bound to go down. And Dave went down alright.

This Kite is going everywhere with us and never again will we moan about the wind!!!!

Give it a go!

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