On the green
Because not all of us are lucky enough to live near a beach, the only other place to go is up the local field. There are a few things which you need to take into consideration before you embark on these short trips.

1. Is there enough space to fly your kite safely without the potential of hitting a tree or small bush which may rip it.

2. Can you be at least 50 metres from any trees or buildings where the wind will be constant and level.

3. Are people or animals going to be within range of your kite whilst you are flying it. The lines can do someone some serious damage if they hit them at speed.

4. Are you well away from overhead power cables, roads, railways and airports.

When you have found the field that take all of these things into consideration there is only one thing left to do. Take some pictures of your mate and send them to our gallery.

See ya on the green !!!

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