Rally Driving & Off Roading
Rally Driving
Lets face it most people who drive break the speed limit a little and certainly don't drive with both hands on the wheel at 2 & 10 o clock. With this in mind most of us also think we are good drivers and wonder in the back of our minds what it would be like to really floor it and just test your car to the max. Of coarse on public roads this would just be dangerous and illegal. But in proper built cars on proper courses and tracks with professional training, you can test your ability to the max.
There are courses and racing schools spread out across the UK which can provide all this and at reasonable prices. These can range from off road rally driving to racing around circuits. And you could be racing around in alsorts of different cars. Different types of racing require different types of skills so there is plenty of different courses and types of training available. You could start with a taster session or go for a more advanced driving course. This all depends how quick you catch the racing bug.
In a lot of cases after you have had your lessons the instructor will drive a lap, showing you what the car can really do. All of the safety gear is provided and all of the cars are kept up to date and in order with very strict safety guide lines and requirements. And all of the instructors are trained to a very high standard. So you are in safe hands. This is the best way to get into racing and you never know you could end up with your own car and racing it regularly.

All pictures used in this section were kindly given to us by the rally school. To find out more about them click on their logo and get driving.

Off Roading

Off road driving is the ultimate way to test your 4X4, and takes real skill and a lot of bottle at times. One of the best ways to learn is to take lessons where you will be taught by qualified instructors who will explain the basic driving techniques and take you out on the track or route set out by the centre, which will usually include plenty of water, mud and steep inclines. Joining an off road club is also a great way to meet friendly people who are willing to share their experience and with lots of organized events and gatherings you will always be able to get out on the tracks and trails.

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