A trip to Delta Force
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We decided to go paintballing at a local site on the outskirts of Bristol which is part of the Delta force group.

After a little detour on the way seven of us arrived at the centre @ 9.30am ready to shoot some serious butt. Most of us had been before but this centre also had paint grenades and smoke bombs!!

After sorting out the booking forms and receipts we were issued with our overalls, protective masks and hopper(contains your paintballs and fits on top the gun).

We were split into two teams of about 20 in each. Blues and yellows. The first game we played was a wake up call and reminded you what a paintball felt like at 120mph. And my first hit was right on the ass cheek. A definite bruise from that one. You kind of forget what it feels like to be shot out until the first game. Then you remember to keep down and out of the line of fire.

Head shots and gun hits didn't count as out so the games were more intense than the previous times we had been before. Although when you did get hit in the mask you were practically blind to what was going on. Oh an I had my first experience of a paint grenade in about the second game. That's a little worrying when it lands right next to you. Fortunately i managed to dive behind a barrel as it went off.

The games vary from collecting the opponents flag and taking it back to base to putting a bomb in the opponents base. Sounds easy but when you have paintballs flying all over the place things can get a little exciting and a little trickier. After every two games we took a break back at the safe zone and topped up on water. It gave us time to rest, clean paint off masks and top up on paintballs and smoke bombs.

On one of the games we came up with a cunning plan. The aim was to protect a fort from a general with a bomb on the other team from entering the fort a blowing it up. He had an iluminous orange jacket on so he was easy to see but could only be killed by a shot in the arms or legs. We figured that they would all spread out around the fort and try to pick us off.

3 minutes after the game had started we were allowed to leave the fort. So our plan was to protect the fort for the three minutes and keep an eye on where the general was so that everyone in the fort knew where he was. Then when the 3 min's was up we would all charge out of the fort towards the general and out number him by about 20 to 1.

Well the game started and typically he turned up the same side as myself and Dave so when the charge went off we were right at the front. Well we left the fort with all guns blazing and ran like maniacs towards the general. I can imagine what this bloke was thinking when we all bailed out but i'm not allowed to swear on the site.
Anyway I personally only got about 20 meters out when I took paintballs to every part of my body from just about every direction. I didn't need to be told i was out. I was glad to get out of range. Well it worked because even though most of the team were shot and out the rest out numbered them and gave the general a pasting.

It's very satisfying when you pull it off. And I suppose that is the enjoyment of paintballing. And the fact you can shoot people and they will laugh about it after!!! We all enjoyed the paintballing and all had the bruises to prove the great battles we encountered. We will be going back very soon. Delta force get our thumbs up.

For more information on Delta Force click on the link below.

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