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If you have never been before hopefully this page will provide you with an insight into what to expect if you take part in a paintball game. You can go for a couple of hours, an afternoon or even a whole day. Always call first to a book a spot. If you are going to organize a paintballing day out for your company, friends or relatives call as early as possible so you have plenty of time to sort the money out and so that your aren't let down by not being able to book when you want.

We are going to show you what you can expect in a whole day out paintballing. This may not be exactly the same at every centre with varying scenery, games, schedules and military vehicles etc etc. But you get the idea.

There is usually an entry fee to enter the paintballing games which costs about £15 and covers the safety equipment, gas for the guns and the meal. Then the paintballs usually cost about £3 - £3.50 for fifty. How many you use is up to you and you can buy them in between games. In most cases your gun will only hold up to 100 paintballs at one time anyway.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: When you arrive you will be issued with a helmet or visor to protect your face and head and camouflage overalls to protect your clothes from the paint. It is also advisable to take a pair of strong boots with you along with a thin pair of gloves and a scarf to protect you where the other safety equipment does not. Trust us getting hit on bare hands in the heat of battle is a big no no.

The next stage is a short talk on the rules, equipment and the safety side of paintballing. This usually includes what actions you take when you have been shot, putting the gun on the safety racks outside of the named safe area plus obvious things like not removing you mask at any time during a game.

Usually the group is split into two teams at this point and the coloured arm bands are handed out. After everybody is clear on the rules and safety aspects you will be taken to one of the safety areas which is usually a caged area protected by netting. Then the marshall's will start you off playing the first game of the morning. Games don't usually last more than about 10 to 20mins and the aim of the game is explained before every one starts. Not long you may think but when you are pinned down in a ditch with paintballs flying over your head from every angle it can seem like a life time until someone helps you out. It's good to keep the games at about these times because getting shot in the first few minutes can be a bummer. And then you can't wait to get back out.

During the games you can expect to storm small villages, take bridges, plant bombs, storm helicopters, blow up land rovers and all kinds of brilliant well thought out games. They of coarse all depend on where your are paintballing but the all follow the same sort of plan. Loads of paintballs flying and plenty of crazy running, shooting and sweating. One tip is to rub a bit of spit on the inside of your helmet/viser when you are in the safe area. This will stop it from steaming up as much when things get a little tense.

After a few games it's time to stop for a bit of dinner and find out who shot who and who to shoot next. It's great banter around the table and the foods usually ok too. Although I suggest you wash your hands before you eat because paint isn't that great tasting. After your dinner has gone down it's back to the safe area and onto the next games. Recently smoke bombs and all sorts of new accessories are coming on to the market so just when you think everything is going well bang/poof and you are surrounded buy smoke with paintballs flying all around you. Great fun.

It's good to work in small groups pushing forward slowly one by one. You can only tell a team mate by the colour band on their arm, so you don't really know who is fighting right next to you because everybody looks the same with all the gear on. Who you think is your mate, could be somebody on your team you have never met before so it's a quick way of making friends especially when under fire in a tight position. I call everybody "mate" which seems to work ok but doesn't help much when back in the safe area. Also if you get low on paintballs you can also nick a few off your mate to get out of a ditch or barrier.

The day usually ends between 4:30pm and 5:00pm but can carry on another hour or maybe two depending on various things such as weather,amount of paintballs left and the marshalls running it. Also sometimes on the last game you just go mad with a full on war and your not out until your paintballs run out. A great end to a great day. If you are not interested in going paintballing by now then you never will be. Give it a go and see how good it feels to be in a war where nobody gets hurt. Well maybe a bit of pride when you get back to work but hey. T.Bawn

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