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The Kirkstone Pass Car Pull

This intriguing event involves a team of 14 men pulling a one-ton car over a 3-mile distance, up the the 1500 feet to the Inn at the top of kirkstone Pass in the lake district. The course starts from Market Cross in Ambleside and continues up the scenic yet severe Kirkstone Pass.

It really is a physically demanding event involving a high degree of teamwork, stamina, strength and speed.

The profile of the course lends itself to really testing the pullers to their limits as they race against the clock to beat the course record of 51 minutes 20 seconds. After an initial pull averaging a gradient of 1:6 for 2 miles, the team sprint down a 1⁄2 mile section before finishing the final 1⁄2 mile on what the O.S. map describes as the 'Struggle' a constant 1:5.

The event was the idea of Dave Renolds 21 years ago, as a means of raising money for charity and local clubs, from that date in 1982 the 'Car Pull' has become a popular local attraction with a whole variety of teams taking on the challenge. Tourists often look on in disbelief as the teams work to get the car to the top in the fastest time possible.

A local team called the pioneers, who set it in 1998, holds the course record. Other competing teams over the years have ranged from the RAF, Gym Clubs, Rugby Teams, and a Ladies team.

This years winners were a team of Prison Officers from Lancaster Farms YOI entering as team 'Field and Trek' with a time of 52 minutes 48 seconds. The Pioneers came in 3rd at 59 minutes 42 seconds.

If anyone feels confident enough to raise a team strong enough to give these lads (and lasses) a challenge and at the same time help to raise money for charity, I welcome you! You can be accommodated locally at very reasonable rates in the picturesque town of Ambleside or Ullswater should you require it.

All that is required is a team entry fee of £100.00 (less than £7.15 per person) that will be given to a charity of your choice. This event is held every year in September, for further details contact Dave Renolds on Telephone : 01539443173.

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Kirkstone Pass Car Pull


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