The Commando Challenge 2004

Well it was the day of the commando challenge and we were on the motorway at 8.30am when we suddenly realised what we were about to do. Previously we had filled in our forms and sent them off with the £15 entry fee and had raided our friends wallets for some charity money so everything was planned. As we got closer to the course the rain was getting heavier and heavier and by the time we had arrived it was pouring down. But strangely the radio station and event organisers were celebrating the fact. The wetter the better apparently ! We signed in and were giving instructions on where to go and how to get there so off we went. Our team was called "team touts" and consisted on me (T.Bawn) Jo and her sister Lisa.

You even get a ride to the start in style.

Every team left in 2 minute intervals and you had to arrive at the start line 30 minutes early for a health and safety talk and warm up. Whilst we were waiting at the start/finish line you could see other teams finishing. They looked soaked, muddy and all full of smiles knowing that we were about to do what they had.

As you start off it seems like an easy jog until you get around the first corner an come across a marine who makes you lie face down in about 6 inches of mud and roll around then lie in a icy river. From then on its just constant mud up to your knees, slippery slopes boggy stretches and all sort of muddy encounters. There are a couple of tubes that go into the ground which you have to crawl through. Easy you think but when you get about 15 meters into them it is completely pitch black and you have to find your way through using touch. By now you are covered in mud from head to toe, but strangely we never felt cold.

There is one bit where you have to go through a muddy swamp which comes up to your chest and this leaves you with a strange tan for the next 100 meters or so. After all of that it was time for the sheep dip. This is submerged tubes which you have to go through. You are shown what to do and before you know it you are being pushed through the tube and dragged out the other end. Great laugh. As we got into the water Lisa decided she would trip up and took a dive into the water, much to the amusement of us, the marines and everybody watching, Classic moment.
After the sheep dip it was a jog up some muddy tracks to the finish line. The pictures of us shown don't really justify how muddy we got on the way around due to the sheep dip at the end. You will get caked in mud if you enter this challenge.
As you can see we all enjoyed the challenge and we all crossed the line together and smiling at the people waiting to go as we had been smiled at whilst we were waiting. Now I understood why. Everybody at the event enjoyed themselves with people from all over the country travelling down to take part and all agreed that this was a challenge that has to be done. And with hundreds of teams taking part there were loads of people walking around soaked and muddy but smiling. There are showers but remember to take some change for them. There are also photographers around the course who take pictures at various places like the sheep dip and these are sent back to the signing in area and photo tent where you can buy a cool picture in a frame of yourself in action. Great pictures too. Some funny faces coming up from the sheep dip. You can also pre order a cool commando challenge tee shirt which you collect at the beginning when you sign in and a certificate on completion.

"Team Touts" finished and ready for some food, but we will be back in 2005. This has to be done at least once.Top challenge.

If you would like to find out more information about the commando challenge take a visit to their official site below. If you did the challenge this year visit event digipix to get your pictures.

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