The Commando Challenge 2005

Well after a great challenge in 2004 we thought it was going to be hard to beat. But we came back for the 2005 event a nine strong team and with the course slightly swapped around it was looking like it could be a great day. A little rain previously had made sure that the course was nice and muddy. Seven of the nine in the team hadn't attempted this challenge before so there was a lot of wonder and excitement as we left the start line. And of course straight away we were rolling around in a river which was the first taste of what was to come. The crocodile pit was a great team effort and left us looking like umpa lumpas which was rather amusing. After plenty of trudging through muddy tracks and streams we came across our first tunnel which was half full of water!.

From then on we were going down tunnels here there and everywhere and they are pitch black and winding in places.
After plenty of banged knees, crawling through mud and wading through swamps we came across the sheep dip. If you have read about the challenge in 2004 you will know this was our favorite part of the course. And what was surprising was that everyone went straight through it with no hesitation. Just when we thougth we were near the end we came across possibly the dirtiest, deepest swamp in England and the only way across was to jump. Well Grant and Chris dived in but most jumped! Caked in mud, soaking wet, knackered but happy we all crossed the line together as a team. Team uk-active 2005 had finished the challenge. Oh and the shower situation is something not to be given away but i will say it was shockingly funny! Back in 2006 for sure.
Tris, Vicky, Grant, Jo, Chris, Nic, Katie, Jenny and Katy. MISSION COMPLETED

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