Skiing & Snowboarding
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Skiing & Snowboarding are both becoming more availalbe in the UK each year, and with the introduction of man made snowy slopes on top of the vast natural and dry slopes in the UK, it's never been easier to start up.

All the pictures on this page were taken by of a recent event held @ the Midlothian Ski Centre which kindly supplied them to us. Take a visit to their site.

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There are many events & shows which you can watch, enter or buy all of the coolest winter wear. Hopefully this section can provide the information you need to get started, where to go for your first lessons, handy tips and plenty of links in the UK and around the world for the more experienced.



So you want to try Skiing & Snowboarding.

If you have never been Skiing or Snowboarding before then you need to take a taster session. This will usually cost between £12-16 depending on where you go. This will give you a basic idea of what it's all about. We suggest you keep taking lessons until your instructor tells you that you are ready to hit the slopes on your own. In most cases you will be asked to prove you have experience and confidence on the slopes before you are allowed to go out on your own. We don't want everybody in plaster!

Here are some top Snowboarding & Skiing links in the UK to check out.
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