Getting Started

So you want to go snorkelling. What will you need and how much is it going to cost?

Well the snorkel and mask can vary in price. A cheap set can cost as little as £3.99, but for a better fitting set which is definitely worth the extra money can cost about £20. The two masks modeled by myself and Dave are typical examples of the better fitting ones. The yellow one Dave's wearing (junior size) cost £15 and the blue one I'm wearing (standard adult size) cost £20. As soon as you try them out for the first time you will see the benefits of paying more money for a better set.

Flippers are optional but really help when you are swimming. A set can vary in price from £15-£40 but the most important thing is to make sure they fit correctly.

Wetsuits are optional but in UK waters are a must. The water can be very cold at certain times of the year which can be dangerous. A winter suit new will cost around £200-£300 but you can get a second hand one for around £120-£150 if you look around. Wetsuit boots and gloves are also a must and really make a difference. You can pick up a reasonable set of boots for £20 and a set of gloves for £15. And one last thing which really keeps the warmth in is a neoprene cap. These keep your head warm and save alot of heat from escaping your body. You can buy them for around £10-£20.

Or you could just go abroad to warmer waters where a pair of shorts and a rash vest are fine.

Whatever you choose to use of wear make sure you pick clear and calm conditions. T.Bawn
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