Snorkelling in Bonaire
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Whilst in Bonaire we had the pleasure of snorkelling around the coastal area of Kralendijk on the eastern side of the island. Also known as Divers Paradise is has a huge collection of reefs which in most cases are easily reached from the shore. Which is great for snorkelling.

The water was as clear as gin and the underwater life was just amazing. Parrot fish, trumpet fish, crabs, angel fish..... the list goes on and on and it would take pages to explain everything we saw. So instead we have added a few of the best pictures from this trip onto a slide show. (Bonaire underwater shots and more).

We hired the snorkel set and flippers from a small diving shop next to the beach for $9 a day. What a bargain. Unless you have your own set!

One of the highlights of the snorkelling was taking a slice of bread underwater and scrunching it in our hands. The fish started to appear from everywhere. Before we knew it we were completely surrounded by fish. A great experience if not a little weird at times. And one of the amazing things about snorkelling here are the noises underwater. The whirring of a boat or the crunching and scraping noise from the Parrot fish eating off the rocks. Truely a great experience and well recommended.

Although taking pictures underwater is a bit of an art.

Thankfully some of the fish were very inquisitive and would come to you. So we managed to get a few pictures to try and explain the feeling of swimming with the fishes.

Bonaire rocks!

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