Snorkelling in Cyprus

Whilst in Cyprus we had a quick chance to go snorkelling just outside of Agia Napa. Not known as one of the hot spots in Cyrpus to go snorkelling I wasn't expecting reefs full of fish but it looked like a nice place to have a quick swim.

Surprisingly there was still a lot of fish and under water creatures to hunt out between the craggy shoreline. The water was fairly clear and as soon as I set off I came across a rather odd underwater worm of some sort. After trying to figure out what it was for about five minutes I headed on around the shoreline and came across an area full of fish darting in and out of the rocks.

Because the light was fading it was hard to take a clear picture but you can kind of get the idea.

And this was from an area on Cyprus not really known for it's snorkelling!

Other parts of Cyprus are very popular areas for snorkelling due to the vast diversity of the underwater life. To find out more about these areas and what to expect check out a few of the following links.


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