Snorkelling in St.Davids (South west Wales)

There are hundreds of places in the UK to go snorkelling, so many we couldn't possibly list them all. But there are a few places where we have been which are great places to start. For example Caerfai Bay on the St.Davids Head in Pembrokeshire.

The day we chose to go out wasn't ideal but we had been told about the possibility of seeing the local seals so we gave it a go anyway. Although we were glad of the wetsuits and boots because the water was a little fresh!!!

The bay was fairly calm and easy to swim around and there was plenty of weed and small crabs moving around with the odd flatfish causing a underwater sand storm and an eel in between the kelp. The possibilities to see wildlife here are endless. And if the weather had been a little better I think we would have seen a lot more. No seals but still plenty to see.

You may get lucky just around the corner from here and see Gannets diving for fish, Seals and Porpoises. But a bit of luck might be involved!

The sea in the UK (even in the summer!) can be quite cold and with rough seas the water can go quite cloudy. So the best time to go is on a clear summers day when there is good sunlight and calm weather. Not only should the visibility be better but there is generally more wildlife around the coastal areas at this time of year.

We were wearing winter wetsuits, boots, gloves and caps which really keeps you toastie in the water. The last thing you want is to get cold and have to stop, so go with thick suits and avoid this problem.

The snorkelling sets we were using were made by a company called Voit Watersports and they have our thumbs up.
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