Top Surfing Destinations in the UK
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At this time of year, with snow drifts reaching their icy fingers towards the window ledges, the carefree outdoor fun of summer seems eons away. Many of the summer sports are put on hold at the moment, and are replaced by sledding or, more often, the new winter sport of "staying in and avoiding pneumonia".
Anyway, we can still dream of summer, and one of the top summer adventure sports (one of the top adventure sports full stop you might say) is surfing. Now, there is a large culture that has grown up around surfing, and arguments over the best places are to surf in the UK. Here, I will present a top five, in no particular order, that stand out. I am aware there are a lot of beaches with excellent surf, but for the sake of brevity, I have picked these five, which are over a range of difficulties and experience levels.
The first is situated in arguably the most famous area for surfing, Cornwall. Watergate Bay has, at low tide, over two miles of beach, and the Xtreme Academy teaches surfing there. Also present is Jamie Oliver`s restaurant Fifteen Cornwall, making for an excellent destination.

The nest choice is Llangennith, in Gower, South Wales. This is arguably the most popular spot in Wales for surfing, and there is a three mile beach with excellent surf. However, when surfing there you are urged to watch out for rip tides.

Saltburn, in Cleveland is the next choice, if only to add some geographical variety. A centre for the North-east surf scene, it offers good beginner waves and there is a great choice of pubs and bars for apres surf re-energising. The town centre too is said to be very pleasant.

Returning to Wales and we get to Porth Neigwl, Gwynedd. This is said to be the most popular surf spot in north Wales, and is nicknamed Hell`s Mouth. It has a four mile long beach which has peaks all along it`s length when there is a good swell. It is extremely popular, as said before, so you might have to take a bit of a walk to get a wave to yourself.
Finally, we have Thurso East, in Scotland, described in an article by the Guardian as " of the best waves in Europe". The beach has an excellent swell and because of this is extremely busy, but waiting your turn is worth it for the huge surfable waves that are there.
As a last piece of advice, the quality of surf is not just dependant on the place you are but also on good equipment, with a good board and a comfortable wetsuit the absolute basics needed. There are many brands of adventure and sports wear, with Billabong being possibly the most famous, as it provides high quality and fashionable equipment and apparel. Hardcloud
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