Surfing in Barbados
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Barbados is not just great food, great beaches and great people, it also offers some great surfing! So here are two popular spots to go and check out.

Surfer's Point, Christ Church, South Coast

Surfers point in Barbados is situated on the south coast near a place called silver sands.

It's advertised as a beach for all surfers and a great place to learn to surf, but i think a little awareness in the sea might be a good idea before you go here as there are small reefs and a fairly strong rip in windier conditions.

There is a shop here where you can hire boards fairly cheaply from a very friendly crowd.

The wave is essentially a point break on the left hand side of the beach and when the conditions are right there are some nice long rides here. You will also see plenty of other sports taking place here including Kite Surfing and windsurfing, both big sports in the area. Great to watch on those calmer days.

A great place to go a check out for a surf.

"soupbowl" Bathsheba, East Coast

The Soupbowl is a world renowned break in Bathsheba on the east coast of Barbados.

Big tournaments and plenty of names have surfed here over the years and when you go there you can see why. This is not for beginner with strong rips, reefs and rocky shores but if you are a competent surfer you will get great rides here and the locals are very friendly as long as you respect them.

Mainly big right hand waves but if you go further down the beach towards the town there is an area with right and lefts over rocky ground.

If your not surfing you can just sit on the cliff and watch the show.

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