Beginners Guide
This is a basic guide on how to go about setting yourself up with the right gear to start surfing. It is always better to ask in your local surf shop, but hopefully this will give you a better insight into what you need to start with. It can be expensive but if you look around you will always see bargains and the rewards far out way the money factor.
Surfboard. The first thing which has to be explained is that if you are a beginner you don't start with a smaller board and work your way up. In fact you start off with a bigger board between 9-11 feet. These boards will pick up the smallest of waves and is ideal to start on. The reason surf boards get smaller is when you become better you begin to surf bigger waves and you need more control over the board to pull off tricks and steer down barrels. This will all become clearer as you spend time out in the surf and see other surfers carving up the waves and pulling off tricks. Unfortunately because the boards which you start out on are longer they also cost more money. For a new board about 9 feet you can be looking at about £300-£500, and a second hand board between £170-£300. There are also boards which are made of foam which you can hire from shops which will pick up anything but not really the type of board you want to learn on but good fun anyway. If in doubt ask in your local surf shop and they may have the board for you or will hold one back for you.
Wetsuits. When it comes to wetsuits you really need to ask in your local surf shop because it is easy to buy the wrong one. Basically you have a few types of wetsuit, 1. A shorte which is a wetsuit with the arms and legs cut off mainly for the summer in warmer water, 2. All in one wetsuit which depending on the thickness can be used practically all year bar the coldest water and finally 3. The all in one wetsuit which is very thick and warm and can keep you warm in the coldest of British waters but also the dearest. A shorte will cost between £30-£80, an all in one wetsuit £70-200 depending on the thickness and between £180-£300 for the all in one winter suits.
The Leash. You will often get a leash with the board but if not then they will set you back between £10-£30. A leash is attached around you ankle and is to stop your board from crashing into other surfers and quick retrieval. A good guide on the length you need is to buy one which is the same length as your board. They also come in many different colours so you can get one to match your board.
Wax. Wax is used to create grip on top of your board for when you are up and riding your board. Pretty obvious you may think but a while back somebody who will not be named asked me why Surfers put wax on the bottom of their boards. Any way it can vary slightly due to the the temperature of the water but you can't usually go wrong. Just read the label which should say warm water or cold. It only cost's about a quid a block.
Gloves and boots. In the winter months boots and gloves are an essential piece of kit. Without them you really will freeze your bits off. Gloves are all very similar but usually cost between £20-30 for a good pair. Straight forward boots cost about £20-30 with the option of toed boots costing a bit more.
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