Surfing in Peru
Whilst traveling through Peru we passed a few breaks along the coast and managed to get a few sessions in.

Peru is not usually the first place you would think of going for a surfing holiday. But whilst traveling along the coast we soon started to notice a few nice breaks.

A typical and fairly popular one with the local surfers is Miraflores on the outskirts of Lima. Here you could hire on the beach and there was plenty of surf for everyone. A small wave near the shore was breaking a couple of feet and a reef further out was peeling off left and right up to around 6 feet. There was also a break off the pier but that was a little bit risky and only a few surfers risked the rocks! Great to watch though.

Unfortunately we didn't have the time to get in here but we found out that there was also lots of surf in the north. Great news because that's where we were heading!

We finally arrived in a place called Huanchaco in the north and knowing we had a few days we hunted out the surf hire. You can hire from a few places here for around $6-8 for the whole kit, but be warned you are in Peru and the wetsuit and board were a little beaten about and the advice on where best to surf was a little vague!

Anyway we had a few sessions in different areas along the beach with very mixed results. Some parts have a very bouldery bottom, strong rips but great surf, and others weaker surf over flat sand. Overall though the surf was good and we were told after that we had been surfing in fairly flat conditions and would love it when a big swell rolled in.

I was quite happy with the smaller waves and weaving in and out of the fishing nets around the pier!! The local surfers were a great laugh and have plenty of parties on the beach at night to join in with so you won't get bored here.

Plus they are always interested to see how good the Brit's are at surfing... sorry Great Britain I may have let us down a little!

Peru overall has a lot to offer to the surfing community and if it's uncrowded surf you seek then this could just be the place for you. It could be one of those places everyone goes to surf in the future!

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