The Severn Bore
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The Severn Bore is caused by the incoming high tide from the Atlantic meeting the Continental shelf and the funnel effect of the estuary. It then races up the river towards Gloucester. Every time the wave arises surfers, canoeists and other dare devils try to hitch a ride on the west's most famous tidal wave. It's very muddy and very cold but if you catch the wave you can get a long and satisfying ride.

The bore can reach about 2 metres and usually consists of the main wave with one or two smaller ones following it. There are dangers to surfing the Severn Bore due to it's location. Things to be aware of include rocks, trees, buoys and pollution. Also beware of the mud on the banks of the Severn! For more information see below.

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If you are considering surfing the bore you may want to read the following information before you do. Remember the bore can be a very dangerous place! This information may be subject to change but should make you aware of some of the many dangers when surfing there.
  • The mud banks on the Severn are unpredictable and therefore great care needs to be taken entering and exiting the water. Being caught in deep mud with the bore advancing would not be a good idea!
  • The banks are also very steep in places and and exit point should be somewhere away from trees.
  • Are hoods a good idea on your wetsuit? Recently one guy got his wetsuit hood ripped clean off by a branch, such is the force of the wave but if it hadn't he would have been held under the water!!
  • Wetsuit boots are a must when surfing the bore. Sharp reeds, rubbish and rocks are all things that can take hefty chunks out of the feet.
  • Logs and trees follow the bore at great speeds so you need to avoid them as soon as you leave the wave. And when i say whole trees i mean whole trees! The water that runs along the bank after the bore passes can be like a torrent full of debris.
  • Wipeouts by the bank can be very hairy especially when you add rocks and trees into the equation.
  • Give yourself plenty of room on the wave. An overcrowded wave can turn into carnage. Looks great from the bank but not so great when you are in the mix!
  • Vials disease can also be acquired from the river severn!
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