Surfing Safety For Beginners
Never surf alone. Going surfing on your own is very dangerous simply because if you get in any trouble or have an accident there will be nobody to call for help or pull you out of the surf. Always go with at least one other person and keep an eye on each other. This really could mean the difference between life and death.
Sun Block. On hot sunny days you will need to wear plenty of suncream and sun block to protect you from the suns rays and also to protect you from the reflection of the sun rays on the the water. You will be surprised how much easier it is to get burnt in the water than on the beach. Burnt bodies find it harder to put on wetsuits !!!! Also be aware of getting sun stroke from getting to much sun because this can cause big problems when you are in the water such as being sick and passing out.
Food & Alcohol. Never surf immediately after eating because it can cause all sorts of problems like being sick and choking out in the surf which is not a good thing. Leave it a good hour before you think about going out. Never go out surfing immediately after drinking alcohol for obvious reasons. Just the shock of the water when you are drunk can cause serious problems and should be avoided at all times. If you want a beer then wait until the night.
Wear your leash. When you are in the water always wear your leash. If you don't the board will get swept away from you and turn into a dangerous missile to everyone else in the water. Not only that this is a sure way to wreck your board and could cost you a pretty penny. Also don't chuck your board behind you when you exit the wave there may be someone following you and this will result in you having two boards and another surfer coming hurtling at you.
Watch the rocks. A sure way to have an accident is to surf into rocks where all sorts of things can happen including alot of the fatal accidents which accur from surfing in the UK. Surf well away from the rocks and keep an eye on the beach and your where about's because you will often move up and down the beach with the current.
Patience. Don't try to catch the same wave as someone else this will result in a collision. If you see somebody else paddling on to the wave then hold back and wait until you get a clear and safe line. It's also the easiest way to annoy all the other surfers if you force them off a wave. Give the locals plenty of space and you could pic up a few tips
Strong Currents. If you do get caught in a strong current don't leave your board and try and swim against the current. Instead stay on your board and paddle across the current to where to waves are breaking.
Jellyfish. In the heat of the summer jellyfish are regular visitors to the UK coastline. Most of them are harmless with a tingling sensation occurring when contact is made with naked skin. A typical example to the right. But there is one called the Portuguese Man-0-War which is very painful if made contact with. You will spot them a mile of because they have a gas filled float which is on the surface of the water. They are rarely in UK waters but worth avoiding if seen.
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