Learning to surf with King Surf in Mawgan Porth (Cornwall)
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Learning to surf with King surf by Louise Towler.

“I turned up outside Kingsurf with zero surfing experience but no stranger to the sea. I had a warm welcome from my instructor Dave Sinclaire , and my learning buddie, Hannah Maton.
We got changed, and head off to the sea, surf boards in tow.

After a safety brief, a dry run on the boards, a run along the beach and some yoga, we head off into the waves.
After a few attempts at just catching the wave, it's time to stand up. Now this is harder than it looks!! All starts off well, get on the board catch a wave and fall off!! I just about managed it on the last wave, 2 hours 30 minutes later!!! Dave gave me a big thumb up, so I'm happy!!

Learning to surf with Kingsurf was a fun, exciting, high energy and thoroughly enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend it. Both Hannah and I couldn't stop smiling, which is all down to Dave's great sense of humour, patience, expert training and passion for the ever popular sport.
A BIG thank you to Dave and Hannah for making the day and first experience of surfing such an enjoyable time!

If your new to surfing and want to give it ago or would like to improve your skills, Kingsurf is definitely worth it.

P.s Sorry Dave about the left......and right hook!!!!”

30.5 Second interview with Dave:

How long have you been surfing? About 16 years

When did you start Coaching? 1998, so 11 years ago
I like the outdoors. I want to “share the love”

Where's the best place you've ever surfed? Indonesia

Where would you like to surf? Hawaii. It's the Mecca of surfing.

Do you take part in competitions? Tag team events, but nothing professional.

If you didn't surf, what would you do? Snowboard.

Is there such a thing as too much surfing? NO!!!

What do you get out of coaching? I get enjoyment and “sharing the love” again!

How do you feel when you're riding a wave?
I'm a bit of a perfectionist so the wave is never good enough, I want it longer, bigger and more time on it.

What are you thinking about when your surfing? Everything and nothing. It's “My Time”.

What makes a good wave? In my opinion, power, shape and size.

What are your best and worst surfing experience? Best: A boat trip with my mates in Indonesia.
Worst: Indonesia again, I nearly drowned and surfing with Pete!!

What can people hope to achieve from surfing with Kingsurf? You would gain a better understanding and knowledge of the sea, plus a greater understanding of your personal fitness level.

Best surfing grub? What's grub? Food! Oh!!! Well there are soooo many, umm Pasties!!

Best boards? Without being too controversial, I'd say Nigel Semmonds.

Who are you hero's? Andy Ions and Michael Peterson

Who would be your inspirational great? Kelly Slater

Are there any future plans for Kingsurf? Kingski - watch this space!!!!

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