Saunton Sands Trip
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When Andy gave me a call and suggested that we meet at Saunton sands for a surf session I didn't need much persuading. The surf forecast had been fairly good all week and the weekend was looked just as good.

So on friday afternoon i headed down the M5 and after a couple of hours, a few caravans, a few tractors and anything else that could have slowed me down i arrived in the car park at Saunton sands. Andy was already waiting for me and was keen to get into the sea straight away. After taking a look at the surf for myself i could see why he was so keen. I estimated it at about 4-5 feet, clean and nice and thick. Just how we like it. Don't get me wrong we aren't pro surfers but these sort of conditions allow you to get out the back and get on the ride of a life time for us city dwellers.

To excited to remember to grab the new waterproof camera we headed out into the surf and soon found ourselves sat out the back taking a breather. After a 5 minute break i spotted a set coming in which looked a little bigger than the rest and decided since i had a fair bit of energy i would give them a crack. The first one of the set went by and i turned round on the board to face the shore as the wave approached. I have been surfing for a few years now and i still had that feeling of i really don't want to get this wrong, oh shit, maybe ill take the next one etc etc. Anyway i decided to go for it and started to paddle. As the wave caught up with me it picked me up quickly and before i knew it i had popped up and turned right straight into the wave.

What a ride!!! I flew down the wave with ease as if i had been doing it for years and it was truely one of the waves you remember for the rest of your life. After what seamed like a massive ride i bailed out i found my self halfway down the beach with cramp in my right leg. But it was all worth it. Stoked on the first wave!! After a quick stretch and a paddle back out i met up with Andy who was calling out and cheering at me, not quite believing i had pulled off the wave and didn't wipe out lol. We both caught plenty more waves in the next 2 hours and were pretty much out in the best and cleanest surf i have seen in North Devon, on our own. We decided to call it a day near high tide and find a camp site. We set up camp in Lobbs Farm and settled down with a can of scrumpy and a few bagels.

After all that drama (or was it the scrumpy?) we were probably fell a sleep by 11pm. 

Waking up fairly early on saturday morning we packed up the tent and headed for the beach again. This time we took the waterproof camera with us to give a try out and all the pictures from this page were from that day. The surf was a little messy that day and very busy out the back where the rumor of friday must have been going round. So we decided to take it easy and catch a few smaller waves which were reforming near the rocks on the right side of the beach. After a mammoth 3-4 hours of this we were completely knackered and headed back to the car park.

The surf trip was over but the memory of that friday night will live on for a long time. T Bawn.
*********For more pictures from this trip check out the slide show here*********
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