Whitesands Easter Trip 2006
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Thursday 13th April: Well everything was set for the Easter trip so off we went across the Severn bridge on our pilgrimage to Newgale. Around three hours later we arrived at Newgale all ready to quickly put the tent up and grab a few beers, only to be met by the owner who informed us that they had a no dog policy this year!!! Where to next? After a quick chat we headed to St.Davids and found a campsite called the Glan Y Mor Inn where we set up camp and headed into the onsite bar for a couple of glasses of Double Dragon.
Friday 14th April: After a slight lie in and a bacon sandwich we grabbed our surf gear and headed to Whitesands to check out the surf. As we arrived it didn't really look great but being the first day we thought that it would do as a warm up. How wrong could we have been! As we headed out into the surf a few nice sets started to come in and things were starting to pick up. And for the next 2 hours the sets were coming in fairly constant which certainly blew out a few cobwebs. By mid afternoon our arms were hanging off and we had got our surfing fix.

So we got changed up and led out in the sun with a tea and a pastie. Although i did go a cropper over the fence and nearly lost my pastie much to the amusement of Grant.

A great day of surfing which ended with a few beers and an amusing rhyme about a hot cross bun seller lol.
Saturday 15th April: As soon as we had woken up and eaten our bacon sandwich we knew the conditions didn't look great. The sky was grey and the surf was flat. So we decided to take this opportunity to go and check out the other beaches in Pembrokeshire. This included a MacDonald's, getting lost in Milford Haven, around 7-8 beaches and a small wave at Freshwater West. So after a rather quiet day we had a steak and salad meal which was tops (cheers Grant) and headed to the local pub in St.Davids where the local rugby team were dressed as ladies which was fairly amusing.

Sunday 16th April: Easter day!!! After the swapping of easter eggs and a bacon and sausage sandwich Grant started to pack up his tent ready to go home to see girlfriend. As he lifted the tent to all of our amazement there was a young wild rabbit sitting there! The easter bunny we chuckled. After a quick sniff it was off to another tent. And that was the last we thought we would see of it!! With Grant on his way home we set of to Whitesands in the hope the surf had picked up. And thankfully it had picked up enough for a couple of hours of quality surf with a great wave breaking from the point on the right hand side of the beach.

With the bright sun out the wave looked a cool green colour and was nice and thick just how we like it. Another classic day of surf.

That night the trip to the bar on the site slightly hampered by our little easter bunny running around inside our tent. So we left it huddled in the outer bit of the tent. Oh and we sneaked in a carvery too.
Monday 17th April: After waking up in the morning we discovered that our little friend was still with us and also noticed it had a injury to on side of it's had making it deaf and blind on one side. So Vicky put a shoe box with tissue inside just next to the tent and he moved straight in. Sitting duck came to mind! Anyway we grabbed our bacon and sausage sandwich and headed to Whitesands. On the way we noticed the wind was a lot stronger and the skies were starting to clear. As we arrived we saw the surf and although a little rouge at times was the biggest it had been the whole trip. Vicky decided she would have a break and went for a walk with the camera on the beach and rocky headland where the pictures you can see were taken.
It was a great day with loads of setS peeling in and nice thick waves which just seamed to go on for ever. It was one of my best days out surfing and i was almost tempted to call a sicky for the rest of the week!!! Just a very memorable day. After such a great day we celebrated in the campsite bar with a few beers. And our little friend was still in the box?!?!

Tuesday 18th April: The last day was a weird affair involving making a decision whether to take the little bunny with us to look after it or leave it. The fact it would just wander around the campsite like a sitting duck made the decision for us so we popped it back in the box and packed it into the car with all the gear. After passing Newgale beach which was rainy, blown out and howling a bit we decided to head straight home.

A truly memorable surf trip for all involved and the bunny is doing well in his new hutch and seams to be getting better. But we will definitely be back to Whitesands very soon to catch up with that wave off the point.

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