Tanker Surfing
What do you do when the surf is flat in Texas? You surf the wake of huge Tankers of course!

When we came across Tanker surfing on the web it seemed like an obvious answer to the flat days in Texas. But when the waves are head height it's a whole different ball game.

The tankers that operate in these areas in Texas are so big that they create a big enough wake to surf and sometimes for a long period of time like a natural bore wave.

As you can see from the video's below the locals have the place wired and make it look so easy. It looks great fun so we just had to add it to this section.

And it's not just the men who surf these waves, the Roxy chicks have also put on a good show!

Galveston surfers finding new waves behind oil tankers. An interesting interview with some of the local surfers for the Daily texan.

Supertanker wake surfing in Texas. Long ride in the ship channel. Worth a read, it explains how and where the waves work best.

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